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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cleveland Checkup

Hello World!

I just got back from Cleveland a few days ago. I head out to Cleveland for a transplant check up every 3-4 months, unless I get sick, then I'll see them sooner. The last 3 times I've been out there my lung function has bee stable, in the 70s. Which is good, but I wish it was better. I once peaked at 96%.... my goal was always break 100. But with 3 bouts of pneumonia over the last 2 years I'm not sure if I'll ever get there. I still hold out hope but I know how lungs work, so we will see what happens.

My weight is good, stable. Its a little strange still to not worry about my weight when I go to appointments. I always used to dread stepping on the scale, and not for the reason most people had. I would try my best and eat so much food and sometimes I'd go to clinic and still lose weight. Its nice to have 1 less thing to worry about.

I got some better news on the baby front. I was glad I got to see my Transplant Doctor and not a fill in this time. He has had patients with CF and Transplant go through pregnancy and come out 100% healthy and the baby be 100% healthy. I respect the statistics but I rely on first hand experience more. I got some good information from him and more information to bring home to Brian. The discussion remains open and Brian and I talk often about what is right for us. There will probably never be a clear cut answer, but we will make the choice together.

Meanwhile, the rest of my days are going well. Nothing too exciting, mostly the same day in and day out. I did however celebrate my Mother's birthday over the weekend by going to a casino. Brian, myself and my brothers all went. She had a great time. And I know she loves spending time with just her kids. I managed to walk away from the casino up money. Which pretty much never happens. I usually lose or just barely break even. So it was nice to walk away with a win.

The holidays are coming up. Its crazy how fast this year has gone by. Definitely feels like a blur. But I'm grateful for everything that's happened this year. 2015 sure has been eventful.

Breathe Easy

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello World!

How was everyone's Halloween?? Mine was great! I made a short trip down to Rhode Island to visit an old college friend. It was so much fun! I was as Thor.... naturally with my blonde locks. Brian went as Captain America. It was a good time.

On the puppy front, Hemi and Kona have started dog class. This is Kona's 2nd go at class. I tried when she was really little but all the new dogs and new people were just too much for her little brain to handle. So now that she is almost 2, in March, I thought we could try again. Hemi is a natural, much more laid back than Kona. They are both doing great!

Other exciting news, I've joined the Northern New England Cystic Fibrosis Board! How awesome. I'm already an ambassador to the NNE Chapter and speak at a lot of events for them. Its exciting to think of the people I'll get to reach on this platform. I'm ready for this next chapter. 

Well I don't really have any other exciting stuff to tell you. I am headed to Cleveland for a transplant check up in a few weeks.We will be discussing babies then as well. 

Breathe Easy