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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Learning Patience

Hey World!

So I'm quickly learning patience in life.

I'm feeling great these days. Just plain awesome. But because I'm feeling so great I want to do alllllll these things, that I just can't yet. I want to work - not yet, I want to live on my own - not yet, but hopefully changing soon, deal is still up in the air -And I really want more than anything else to have a baby!!!! That's definitely not happening right away.

And that one sucks the most. My whole motivation behind transplant was to be able to have kids. I've know since I was 15/16 that I wanted kids. 25 was my goal age to reach then go forward with things - Yes I can do this on my own, no guy needed! :) - But that year came and went, now 26 and I'm almost 27. What is happening!!?!? I know, I know, some of you will say "oh but your so young, you have time." Not the point. I know what I want and I'm an instant gratification person, so obviously I want it now. I'm sick of waiting!!!

I can't start working in January. And hopefully in a few weeks I'll find out about the living situation, I'll either be on my own or in my parents basement still. Soooo if those things happen HOPEFULLY by this time next year I'll be on my baby mission!

So things are moving, just slower than I want. Patience. Learning to love it - or atleast accept it.

Breathe Easy

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hello World!

Well people I just got back from Cleveland. I completed my 3rd bronchoscopy! Don't have the results back but I'm thinking 'no rejection!!'  Also did some PFTs and my numbers are 75%. BooYah!! Weight is staying stable soooo I GET TO HAVE MY FEEDING TUBE OUT!!! Double BooYah!!! So overall great visit. No complaints or problems in the Transplant world!

This weekend I'll be venturing into the world and attending my first Oktoberfest. Should be a good time with my friends. It nice to be able to make plans for the future and not be terrified I'll be in the hospital when the date rolls around.  Its the simple things.

Oh man, I got asked to speak at my local CF Family and Friends night. Should be interesting since I'm not a great public speaker. Then there is also do I invite my friends to make me more nervous or not, hmmmm. We'll see, its not until November so I got a little time.

On a random note today, my Mother decided at breakfast today to turn to me and say "Ya know, 3 years ago you were in a coma." Well, thanks Ma. Haha. I am very grateful to be here today. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

"Some days are for learning the lessons, and some days are for counting the blessings. Be grateful for both. Things change, but the sun always rises the next day." -SG

Breathe Easy