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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Had Some Movement!

Hello World!

Well its been a while since I've posted. Had a couple of crazy days that seemed to blur all into one. Then felt like crap for a few. Its been a roller coaster week. Monday was clinic day. That was the last post I did. Tuesday was a busy one for me.

First I stopped by the dress shop to pick up my Bridesmaids dress for my friend Chelsea's Wedding! Then a group of us used inflated rafts and floated down the river. It was great! We just floated along and stopped to swim and eat lunch. It was lots of fun. I hadn't been IN water like that in maybe, two, summers. So it felt great to wade in the water and not be freezing cold! I did bring my O2 with me, although I didn't wear. Bad tan lines, haha.
After the river float I had dinner with my brother's fiance's family... if that makes sense. It was Her, Mother and Grandmother and Sister and My Mom at dinner. We were planning Annalie's, my brother's fiance, bridal shower. It was interesting. Our families are very different haha. But we worked it out and I think it will be a great Bridal Shower. I was put in charge of games!! SWWEEETTT!

After dinner I was informed my older brother was in a motorcycle accident. WHAT! He doesn't even own a bike?! Well my uncle let him ride his. Nice job Uncle, haha. My brother was too stupid to wear a helmet so of course ended up with a head injury and had to be taken to the hospital. He is ok, and was released the same day. He is just banged up with road rash and stitches. Idiot!

So Tuesday was a long day! And because it was so long I decided to crash at a different house than the one that had my O2 Concentrator. So I had to use my portable O2 which is just pulse and not continuous. I had an awful night sleep. Woke up like every 2 hours. And had a headache in the morning. I spent all day Wednesday with my Grandma. That was fun. I hadn't seen her a while.

O and while I was waiting to meet my friend to pick up my dress I decided to let Tucker out of the car. It was his first City experience. He has never been to a busy city with lots of people and cars. He did really well. Sat close to me but didn't freak out. He is doing so well with his fear and stranger phobia. I'm a proud Mama!!

Tuesday and Wednesday were so busy they basically blurred into one long day. Thursday I slept pretty much all day, I was exhausted. Friday I was finally starting to feel better. I HAD MOVEMENT!!! I was finally able to poop. Like really poop, not just a little. The blockage is gone! THANK GOD! I've been drinking tons of Gatorade to stay hydrated. I don't want another blockage. My weekend is mellow. Just hanging out with the family at the Lake house. My Mom leaves for a week vacation on Monday. Not sure what I'm going to do with myself. I talk to her everyday! It'll be weird with her gone for a week. Hopefully Transplant doesn't call while she is away. I might freak out. She is the rock in the family. We would all crumble without her.

Breathe Easy

Monday, June 20, 2011

Digestion Hell

Hello World!

Well I have been in digestion hell this past week. Not enough coming out, so in turn not much can go in. Ive been having tummy troubles all week. Going to the bathroom is a bit of a task. Although I've never actually given birth, I felt like it this week on many occasions. I had cramping like crazy on one side of my abdomen. Its still there a little bit but not as bad as it was. Since nothing is really leaving my body, well not a lot has gone down, and stayed there! I'm still hungry... starving even! But about an hour or so after I eat, I tend to just puke it back up. Not keeping many calories down that way. No Calories = No Weight = DEATH SENTENCE (to be dramatic)!!!

I had clinic today. Lung functions same as 2 weeks ago which was good. Weight.... 90.5lbs. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT OF ME!! I'm like skin and bones, its gross. I have to have a certain BMI in order to stay on the transplant list. I'm half a pound away from being "deactivated" until I gain more weight. HOLY CRAP! My doctor told me the crampyness is due to a blockage! BLOCKAGE, greeeaaatt!!!! They think the blockage is due to dehydration. Very possible as I hate water and love to sit in the heat.

Solution: MIRALAX! And lots of it. Also 32oz of Gatorade a day, to replenish. If the Miralax doesn't work we move on to GoLytely... that stuff makes you go! Haha, so hopefully I won't need that. If both of those still don't work, surgery to "unblock" me. YIKES! I don't want any surgery. Anesthesia makes me really nervous. I don't like being "knocked out." And I heard it can be dangerous for patients with respiratory problems. I don't need anymore 'danger' in my life. I'm pretty tapped out.

So hopefully I gain back the 8lbs I have lost in a week and a half. I can't be this small. Its just not healthy.

Breathe Easy

Monday, June 13, 2011

What the F!

Hello World!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was rainy and cold!! My cousin had his engagement party this past Saturday. Well... if I wasn't related to the kid I would of left! First of all it rained. Not a little sprinkle but rain. Cold, windy, rain! I went early with my mother to help set up.... why? We got there around 9am, party didn't even start until 1. Went had to set up tables, tents, tarps, get the food out.... ALL IN THE RAIN! We weren't allowed to use the house. Only the tiny screened in porch. What the F, dude. So before the party even started my feet and shoes, soaked, my O2 bag, soaked, sweatshirt and 2 shirts underneath.... SOAKED! OMG was I miserable. Finally the woman who's house we were at said we could use the kitchen. A small sanctuary from the rain. I actually sat in my car with the heat on to dry my socks and warm up for a little while.

Once the party started.... I quickly realized everyone except my mom, 2 brothers, and grandparents smoke. GREEEAAATTT. Not one of them cared I had oxygen on. They would light up right next to me. And what was I to say, we were outdoors. I felt like it was a lost cause to say anything so I would just walk away. I ended up staying until about 6pm.... I couldn't bear to stay another minute. I would of left a long time ago but I didn't want to be rude to my cousin.

So Sunday then turn was crummy. My back and arms were sore from lifting and moving things. I was still cold to the core of my body. And my lungs pretty much hate me... they still hate today! I'm hoping we start getting along again because I have another clinic appointment Monday that I need to be good.

Today the sun peaked out for a few hours so I soaked up as much as I could. I still feel a little sluggish but I think that will clear up in a few days. No more full days in the rain for me! Done with that shizzzz!

Breathe Easy

Friday, June 10, 2011

Not Bad

Hello World!

Well my clinic on Monday went pretty much how I thought it would. My weight was down a little bit and my Lung Function tests were down. It was decided that I get 2 weeks to bump things up. So I have to go back June 20th. If things still don't look good it will be IV and hospital time again. I'm really hoping that doesn't happen. IVs really put a damper on summer activities. I become super sensitive to the sun, the IV times are always crazy, and the worst part is being accessed! I can't shower OR go swimming!!! LAAAMME!

The rest of my week was good. I went out to dinner Wednesday night with my Mom. Always a good time. We did some window shopping. We also went and picked up my Bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding! The color is great! I really like it. I fit of the dress though.... not quite what we had expected. I'm so small that the dress is obviously big on me. So hopefully after alterations it will look stunning! I have faith it will.

This weekend will be busy. I have an engagement party to go to for my Cousin. Me and my mom are going early to help set things up. It will be a long day! I hoping we get some good weather. Not too hot and not rainy! But it should be fun!

Breathe Easy

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Havoc for My Body

Hello World!

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend. Mine had some ups and downs. Some ups: I took my first exam for my program and got a 93! I should of got a 100 but I read a question to fast and made a silly mistake. I was over confident. But 93 is good too! The weather was a little crazy one day but over in my favor all week which was lovely. Because of the nice weather I'm getting a nice summer tan! Always better than being pale! One of my best friends came up and visited me Friday which was great. I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was nice to just chitchat and catch up.

Some downs: I was carless all week! Both my parents have to have the cars inspected in May, so they needed to borrow mine while theirs was getting fixed. I was glad to let them use it. no biggy, but it left me carless! Haha. Good thing Transplant didn't call! Another down is a biggy.

For almost 2 years I was so thin and sick that I didn't get my period. My body just wasn't healthy enough to menstruate. Well it finally made a return in December. Its not regular, but hey its a start! It means I'm getting better! :) But the sucky part is, is creates havoc for my body.

I only have my period for a few days (may be an over share, but whatevs! it happens!). For a week before it come my chest becomes really tight and congested, I lose any appetite I have and just become overall really tired. It has cause me to be hospitalized for IVs 3 times because of the pre-period crap my body goes through.

Well this week was no different. I was doing great, three GOOD meals a day, getting up and out more. I was really feeling good. Then one morning I slept about an hour longer than I had been and wasn't really hungry that day. I didn't think much of, one day, whatever. But I slept even later the next and didn't really eat that day. I knew it was coming. Next thing, I'm coughing myself awake for 3 nights now! I'm very tired and not hungry at all! Every girl hates their period but mine is killing me!!!

I have clinic tomorrow. I know its not going to be great. I'm just hoping they don't mention the big "H!"

Breathe Easy

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Hello World!

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?? Mine was wonderful. It was spent with friends and family. Can't beat that. Here are some pictures of my dogs and a few twitter friends dogs in the Memorial Day best...

1 week old French Poodle Puppy! No name yet.

Lucy (top), Tucker, Ruby, Max, and Shotti... My babies!

I have also recently enrolled in a program to become a Certified Dog Trainer/Instructor! I am so excited. I have finally figured out what I'm passionate about, dogs. Once I'm certified I'll be able to work some place training dogs and maybe even start my own buisness. The overall dream is to open my own facility with dog training, doggy daycare and boarding! I may even learn how to properly groom dogs. Not sure about that yet. I have heard it is pretty physical. So we will see. But right now I'm just excited to be headed down a road that will be there post transplant!

Breathe Easy