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The Pack!

As I mentioned I'm a huge animal lover and I have 3 dogs of my own. I've had many wonderful dogs come into my life and left their paw print on my heart!

My current Pack....

Luna B-Jones is a purebred shihtzu. She is 3 years old. She was bought in a pet store by my grandmother. I was just suppose to help house train her for my Gram. And well, once she was in my house, she never left. Luna is probably the sweetest dog I have ever met. She is always happy with her little tail wagging.

***More Pictures Coming Soon***

Kona Mona is a purebred border collie. She is 2 years old. Smart as a whip! Sometimes too smart I think. I've been in love with border collies since my man Tucker came into my life. So naturally after he passed away I knew I wanted another border collie. Kona loves to catch frisbees, its her favorite thing to do! She is fearless and sometimes that gets her into trouble. She will be starting training classes soon with the hope we will be able to do agility in the future.

***More Pictures Coming Soon***

Hemisphere Declan is a purebred border collie. He is 1year old. He is a sweet, gentle soul. His favorite thing on the planet is sticks! It could be a small twig or half a tree, he loves wood. He is still very young and will be starting training soon. I'm not sure what his future holds, but it is fun already.

***More Pictures Coming Soon***

My First Pack.....

Shotti (2001-2013)
Shotti is a purebred Rottweiler. She was 12 years old when she tragically passed away in a house fire. She was acquired by my older brother when he came home from college. She was the oldest of the pack. Loved treats but only knew "sit" and "lay down." Shotti had a thyroid problem which she got medication for. She loved scratches and would "talk" back. She had a loud bark but she was an old, gentle soul.
Lookin' for frogs!

Tryin' to be a snuggle bunny.

Big squishy face!

Max is a shitzu-poodle mix. He is 8 years old. We got him and his sister (Ruby) from my Aunt who use to breed these little guys. Since he is bigger than his sister I always say he is older, even though they are from the same litter. Max or Maxi-Pie as I like to call him, knows a few tricks. He's got the basics down but also knows how to dance and shake hands. He is working on rollover. Max is a pure snuggle bug. He loves nothing more than being in someone lap getting pets. Max doesn't live with me now, as he is my mother's dog, but he is still an honoray member of the pack!
Max as a puppy!

Muddy Max


Ruby is a shitzu-poodle. And Max's little sister. She is 8 years old. She is a feisty little one. She is the smallest out of all the dogs and doesn't take guff from any of them. She is really picky about what she eats, which has earned her the title Princess. She doesn't play with toys but does have a love for Nyla bones. Max is her best friend and she loves to be with people.She also lives with my mother, not me, so again she is a honoray pack member!

Little baby Ruby!

Rubo and her Nyla

The cutest little face!

Tucker (2008-2013)
Tucker James was  a purebred Border Collie. He was 4 years old when he tragically passed away in a house fire. He was just 6 months shy of his 5th birthday. He was my baby. I spoiled him rotten and I knew it. I got him from a breeder when he was 9 weeks old. He completed 4 training classes. He had his Canine Good Citizenship. I'm was hoping to be able to do agility with him one day. Tucker knew several tricks with his best one being "Peek-a-boo." He was shy around strangers but got better every day. He loved to play fetch with a ball or frisbee. He caught his first frisbee, like really caught out of the air, at 3 months! He's was my love.He was by my side through some of the worst years of my life. I have to believe he came into my life to save me, stayed just long enough to see me through transplant and back on my feet. A few months after I met my husband, Brian, Tuck passed away. I think, and hope, Tuck knew I would be taken care of. I miss him everyday, he will always be in my heart.
9 week old Tucker

Always with the toys.

So handsome!

Lucy (2008-2013)
Lucy Jane was the youngest in the pack. My younger brother got her from a rescue in September 2010. She was 4 years old. My brother was told Lucy was a Great Dane/Rottweiler cross. Well, she definitely wasn't. She was smaller than Tucker! Hahah. She was a ball of energy and incredibly headstrong. She knew what she wanted and she would probably get it or get away with it. She had come along way in the manners department. She had to over come a lot of fear as well. She was very afraid of everything when we first got her, from the leash, to the car, to being outside! She was still skiddish with new people and was learning to like dogs outside the pack. But she was still a lovable stinker.
The day we picked up Lucy!

She catches frisbees (sometimes)

What a love bug.

Amoung the madness of dogs actually lived one cat! Her name is Noodles. I got her a long time ago, not really sure how old she is 9 or 10 maybe. But she took no guff from any of those dogs. She was my little pretty kitty! After the house burned down, I wasn't sure if Noodles had survived. 3 or the 5 dogs didn't, so I had no idea if Noodles made it out. A few days later, we returned to the burned down house and there was Noodles, hiding in our back shed. She was all covered in soot. But she was unharmed. Unfortunelty, the rental we were put up in didn't allow cats. So i had to give Noodles up. She did however end up in a wonderful home. A co-worker of mine loved cats and agreed to take Noodles in for me. I was so grateful, Noodles had already been through so much. I was glad she got to go to a home that was cat crazy and I knew she would be very loved.
Sunning her belly

Being festive!

My pretty little kitty!