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Monday, April 10, 2017

I May Whine About It

Hello World!

As I dive into my newly hatched work out plan I immediately hit a giant wall. Oh yeah, That's right - my lungs suck - breathing while exerting myself is really really really hard. Dang. So the smooth plan I came up with has been quite bumpy already. The elliptical is kicking my butt... Hard. Even while I give myself that extra oxygen flow with my home concentrator pumping an extra up to 5 liters of O2 in me, my O2 levels are still way down to 82/83 percent. Now the normal is 99/100. So big difference. One of the best ways I can describe it to you is next time you work out or exert yourself - put a clothes pin on your nose and then only breath through a straw. That will give you an idea of how my lungs work. I would love to quit! But, how am I going to reach my goal with an attitude like that. So I drudge on.

I'm glad I workout alone in the mornings so I can yell in frustration, swear I'm never doing this again, sometimes shed a few years of anger, yell about how unfair things are and what did I do to deserve this, whine like a toddler that everything sucks. All these things I'm feeling are totally normal. And this is a great outlet to get out all that frustration. It's not easy. But the next day, I stair at my enemy (the elliptical) and say "let's get this over with." It's like a weird torcherous game  I just keep putting myself through. 🤔. So if you have any advice that helps you get through those days you are ready to throw in the towel, leave them in the comments. I'll take all the tips and tricks I can.

This week I finally get to implement my afternoon walks as the weather is finally sunny and out! Last week I didn't get one walk in because it literally rained everyday and was still in the 30s. Here's hoping the walk later today goes smoother than that dang elliptical!

In other health news, I just completed my 2nd to last IVIG infusion. While I don't really feel like they are doing a whole lot, the Cleveland team and I decided that since I only had 2 left to just go ahead and do them - can't hurt. So I only have 1 left in May then we wait to see what my lung function does without it. I think it will either get better or stay the same. It better not go back down! In 1 month I go back for a CF clinic visit. We will do PFTs (lung function test) then and I will get an idea of how I'm doing since my April 1st check up in Cleveland.

Outside of the health world, I've started taking online classes for Medical Coding and Billing. Once I complete this course I will be able to find myself a new job. The idea behind taking these online classes is so I can work from home. A job from home will give that flexibility I need  with frequent doctor visits and such while still being able to earn money and feel valuable. It's an exciting new chapter. Good things come to those who work hard and not give up.

I may whine about- but not give up.

Breathe Easy


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