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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Havoc for My Body

Hello World!

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend. Mine had some ups and downs. Some ups: I took my first exam for my program and got a 93! I should of got a 100 but I read a question to fast and made a silly mistake. I was over confident. But 93 is good too! The weather was a little crazy one day but over in my favor all week which was lovely. Because of the nice weather I'm getting a nice summer tan! Always better than being pale! One of my best friends came up and visited me Friday which was great. I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was nice to just chitchat and catch up.

Some downs: I was carless all week! Both my parents have to have the cars inspected in May, so they needed to borrow mine while theirs was getting fixed. I was glad to let them use it. no biggy, but it left me carless! Haha. Good thing Transplant didn't call! Another down is a biggy.

For almost 2 years I was so thin and sick that I didn't get my period. My body just wasn't healthy enough to menstruate. Well it finally made a return in December. Its not regular, but hey its a start! It means I'm getting better! :) But the sucky part is, is creates havoc for my body.

I only have my period for a few days (may be an over share, but whatevs! it happens!). For a week before it come my chest becomes really tight and congested, I lose any appetite I have and just become overall really tired. It has cause me to be hospitalized for IVs 3 times because of the pre-period crap my body goes through.

Well this week was no different. I was doing great, three GOOD meals a day, getting up and out more. I was really feeling good. Then one morning I slept about an hour longer than I had been and wasn't really hungry that day. I didn't think much of, one day, whatever. But I slept even later the next and didn't really eat that day. I knew it was coming. Next thing, I'm coughing myself awake for 3 nights now! I'm very tired and not hungry at all! Every girl hates their period but mine is killing me!!!

I have clinic tomorrow. I know its not going to be great. I'm just hoping they don't mention the big "H!"

Breathe Easy


  1. It's your blog, you get to share whatever. And if you have good news that involves a period, hell, people can stop reading if they're freaked. :)

    Keep getting better, sweeite.

  2. Thanks! Yay thats what my thoughts were posting it. At first I thought maybe I shouldn't but then my second thought was whatevaaaa, hahaha