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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Hello World!

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?? Mine was wonderful. It was spent with friends and family. Can't beat that. Here are some pictures of my dogs and a few twitter friends dogs in the Memorial Day best...

1 week old French Poodle Puppy! No name yet.

Lucy (top), Tucker, Ruby, Max, and Shotti... My babies!

I have also recently enrolled in a program to become a Certified Dog Trainer/Instructor! I am so excited. I have finally figured out what I'm passionate about, dogs. Once I'm certified I'll be able to work some place training dogs and maybe even start my own buisness. The overall dream is to open my own facility with dog training, doggy daycare and boarding! I may even learn how to properly groom dogs. Not sure about that yet. I have heard it is pretty physical. So we will see. But right now I'm just excited to be headed down a road that will be there post transplant!

Breathe Easy

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