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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quarter Stone

Hello World!

So my last post was full of complaints. This one won't  be like that. Well not completely full of complaints. Who wants to read about all my problems? I sure don't!

Well I get out of the hospital tomorrow! YES! I'll have to do IVs at home but it is better than being in here and missing my brothers wedding! I'm super excited for him! It is this Sunday, Sept. 25th! Then next weekend, Saturday Oct. 1st is one of my best friends! It is going to be a good week!!!

So I was in the hospital for the past week. It has been interesting. My nutrition has been a roller coaster the passed few months. SO I hope this stay added the extra weight and I get to keep it on my body. Also this visit a pretty large (the size of a quarter!) kidney stone was found... AWESOME! Its too big to pass, and from what I hear passing Kidney Stones is painful! But that means I'll need minor surgery for them to go into my kidney and break up the stone and extract it. Should be a minor surgery but with lung problems anything with anesthesia is more complicated than usual. Still not sure exactly when that will take place. Right now the stone is just hanging out not causing any real problems.

While I was in house I missed my Great Strides Walk for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I organized a team and collected donations and then couldn't even walk. I was pretty disappointed in myself but what can you do. My friends and family still went to the walk and represented our team. My friend made a shirt to wear at the walk and put several CFer's names on it. She asked me if I wanted to add anyone. I have met SOOO many CFers on Twitter and Facebook, there is no way I could fit you all. So I choose just 3, next year I'm going to try and fit more. But I choose Connor Jones, his story breaks my heart. CF steals lives all the time but Connor's mother blogs and her blog just melted my heart. She stares hardship in the face and never backs down. I admire her strength and courage to continue each day. I also choose Callie Simons, who I met just this year. She passed away in May very unexpectedly and I can relate. I went down the same path in 2009. I thankfully made a turn around and still here today. She sadly did not. I think of her often. The third one I choose was Jackson Wynn! He is so cute and I talk to his mom a lot on twitter. She is an amazing Mother, as most CF parents are. But J had some struggles and his cute little face just makes me smile when I read her blog and see his pictures. Next year it will be awesome! We will keep walking until theres a cure!
Team: Breathe Easy!
Our team didn't just walk for me. We walked for several CFers.

September 20th = 16 months of waiting. Call me already BWH!

Breathe Easy


  1. I, too, have had kidney stones that were too large to pass. Two in fact and working on the third :) I am happy to hear that it isn't causing any major pain, my suggestion is get it out as soon as your healthy enough to do. Once the pain starts it can became crippling.

    I am sure your team was happy to walk for you even though your were absent. One step closer to a cure!

  2. I had a kidney stone I was told was a cubic inch in size (roughly the size of a golf ball), and so I had a procedure where they went in and removed it - MUCH preferable to passing it, from what I hear. They didn't cut my side or anything, though, haha - just placed a stent in my ureter for a few days then went in, um, that way. Because of the urologist's concerns w/ CF and anesthesia, they just gave me spinal anesthesia (not even as complicated as an epidural) and a good bit of versed/fentanyl - I had NO problems; as far as the lung stuff goes, it was no different/worse than when they used to knock me out to place my PICC lines. Just something to consider!

    Hope both weddings are a BLAST and that you get to enjoy them to the fullest! <3

  3. @Kari Yeah I'm most likely going to get it removed sometime in October. I'm hoping for no problems before than! Hope you don't get anymore, don't things come in 3s.

    @Jessica Holy Crap a golf ball!!!! I thought a quarter was big! I hope you don't get anymore like that!! Wow.... just wow!