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Monday, October 3, 2011

C and M's Wedding

Hello World!

My Best Friend got Married!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a grown up now! It was amazing. So much fun. So beautiful. Even though the weather wasn't ideal, it was awesome. She was such a beautiful bride. And her husband was so handsome. They make a beautiful couple. So happy for them. Right now they are on their honeymoon in Hawaii! I'm a little jealous. I want to go to Hawaii sometime. I wish them nothing but the best! Time to start makin' babies!!! Hahaha. Here are a few pictures....
The Ceremony.

Me and 2 of my besties.

 Their First Dance as Mr. and Mrs!!!
The beautiful couple!!!

Their car!!!! :)

The Bridal Party, I'm the tiny one in pink on the end!

Again Beautiful wedding. Bring on the babiesss!!

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