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Friday, November 4, 2011

Staying Healthy

Hello World!

I'm freee! I was in the hospital for 14 days!! BORING. But it was needed. I was struggling there for a minute. I feel much better, I really do. While I was in the hospital I missed Halloween again. This is the third Halloween in a row I've missed. 2009 I just came out of a coma, 2010 I was in the hospital and 2011, once again hospital. Thats annoying. I'm not super bummed about it because 1. I don't care that much about Halloween and 2. I would rather miss Halloween and be good for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is where its at... FOOD!!! Haha. Love Thanksgiving, probably my favorite holiday, other than my birthday of course. Its all about food and family. Awesome holiday. My brothers went out and celebrated Halloween though. They sent me pictures...
My baby bro as Wilfred, and his lady friend.

My big bro (back middle) and his wife were Jersey Shore people

Me and my pumpkin buddy.

While I was in the hospital New Hampshire got a freak Nor'easter in October!! Dropped 2 feet of snow on people. My house lost power for 5 days. The power was still out when I got released from the hospital so I went and stayed with my Grandma. Although the snow was pretty, I did not enjoy waking up to that. Its too early! We basically went from Summer to Winter! What the F Mother Nature. Most of the snow is thankfully gone. And warmer weather is predicted for the next couple weeks. I can live with that.
The view from my Hospital window the morning after the storm.

Railroad tracks across the street from my G-ma's house.

Trees in my backyard.

Now that I have my freedom back, all my energy is going into STAYING HEALTHY! I'm not thinking of anything else these days. I plan on do a lot of hibernating and staying away from most people this winter. Everyone is always sick with something, even if they don't "feel" sick. I'm sorry its flu season, I don't trust your "feeling." Its all about me this winter!!

Breathe Easy


  1. Beautiful picutres. I'm spending my second bday in a row in the hospital. Blah. My goal is Christmas and new years!

  2. Wow! I don't think I could handle my Bday in the hospital. I love it too much. I would have a cow for sure. I hope you feel better soon and get the heck out of there so you can spend the Holidays with your family OUTSIDE jail! Haha. :)