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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bored and Lonely

Hello World!


Oye, so I had my meeting with the Urologist about my Kidney stone. Which also included a meeting with the Anesthesiologist. And the consensus is NOOOO!!!! Ha. My lungs are far to shitty to put under general anesthesia. There was talk of doing a spinal-epidural type procedure but I'm no fully on board with that. Anxiety through the roof! SO my CF doctor is going to talk to my Transplant doctor and see if we can hold off until after transplant like we originally wanted to do. Not sure what they'll say.

Otherwise no real updates. I am starting to feel better. But I would be more concerned if I wasn't. I'm incredibly annoyed with the Hospital and their new food-beverage program. Its all LowCal, LowFat, SugarFree. WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO EAT!?!

I miss my home cooked food from my Dad, I miss my dog, I miss watching TV with my Mom. I am bored and lonely. Hopefully I get out of here soon. I'm not sure, mentally, how long I can stay in here. Its like being in isolation!

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