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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kidney Surgery

Hello World!

I know its been a while. April was NOT my month.

I went out to Cleveland for Transplant check up at the end of March. A week after coming home, HOSPITAL! I managed to negotiate some freedom for Easter and then days later HOSPITAL!

I also had surgery scheduled to remove a large kidney stone. I went in house a few days early to get some antibiotics running through to help with recovery. Surgery was scheduled for a Tuesday, the Sunday before I was hit with a serious head cold. Sore throat, stuffed nose, coughing galore! IT WAS AWFUL!!! I felt so bad I thought they were going to have to move the surgery. Thankfully they didn't.

So Tuesday came. They used an epidural and sedation for the surgery because I couldn't be put under general anesthesia without the most likely outcome of a ventilator. Once they had me sliced open they realized the stone was bigger than they thought. They had to break it up into 12 pieces. Like 12 pea size pieces. It was a beaut of a stone! I wanted to keep it but they wouldn't let me! Boooo!!!

Overall the surgery went well. Wasn't my favorite thing to have to go through but glad its over. Hopefully no more stones pop up. I do not want to do this again!

 My Drain Tubing
The hole once they pulled the drain tube
I got to wear this snazzy bag for a few days to collect my kidney juice
My first post surgery meal - A Cherry Popsicle
Mama hung out with me overnight

Breathe Easy


  1. I'm glad to see your surgery went well enough and that you've made it back to the internet :) I was worried when you didn't post for such a long stretch!

  2. I know. April was just plan awful. It was like every week brougt a new stressful challenge. May seems to be going better though!

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