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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hello World!

Well I did it. Took my first vacation post transplant.... Other then back to Ohio. I went to Florida to visit some of my family. These family memebers were here in New Hampshire back in August, but I was in Ohio still recovering.

We - Mom, Dad, Gram, and Cousin came too! - flew down to Orlando for a few days. It was soooo great. We only went down for a weekend, so Saturday we went to Seaworld and Sunday we hung by the pool.

My first night there.... BANANA DAIQUIRI! It was so yum. After my family met us at the hotel I got thrust into a world of children! I'm not complaining, its why we went.

Brett and Grace have 4 great kids. I met their oldest a long time ago when she was just a baby. And about a year or so ago I met the 2nd oldest when she and Brett came to visit. But it was my first time meeting the 2 youngest ones. And my gosh, I just loved them immediately!

Instantly, Ethan the youngest at 3, became my best buddy. Hes the only boy with 3 older sisters. They are all such sweet kids. They just met me and would just walk up to me and say I love you. Melts your heart. And there is nothing like a little hand wanting to hold yours.

Seaworld was amazing of course. I hadn't been there since I was little. Still facinates me. Best part was none of the kids had ever been there, Grace had never been there, and my cousin Danielle had never been there! A lot of firsts and so awesome to be there with them.

Of course traveling through an amusment park with a large group can be stressful, especially with 4 littles from 8-3 yrs old. But when I was on the merry-go-round with Ember, 4, her first time there and it started to move. Her face lit up! I immediately went stressfree and thought this is why I'm down here. This is what its all about. I had that moment again watching the Shamu show. When the whales first jumped out of the water Ember and Trinity, 6, mouths dropped! They where star-struck. The giggles that came from all 4 of the kids in the spinny cups. It just melts your heart.

I just love my family. Its a shame they live in Florida so I don't see them very often. But I miss them. I miss those faces, giggles, little hands, and small I love yous.

Me n Tierney
Trinity, Ember n Me

Ethan n Grace

Ember, lovin' the merry-go-round
4 Littles in 1 Cup!
Breathe Easy

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