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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Baby!

Hello World!

Its Spring Timeee!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

Ok so here's the skinny on the 5K. Its being pushed back. Between where the event is being held and the training to accomplish it... I'm not ready. Now I know I could easily walk that far, I'm basically doing that in May for Great Strides. But I really want to be able to run at least half. So I'm going to push it back, train hard all summer and maybe complete one in the fall or next spring. But be sure, it will happen. I want a medal darn it!

I will be participating in the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides event. I'm walking in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. So if you are around that area, sign up, walk with me!! Its outside so even if you have CF we can walk 6ft apart! If you don't live around here and are really interesting in walking, Great Strides is a national event. There is most likely a walk site right near you! You can be an attached team to mine - Breathe Easy or start your own team and create a great name! Check out and click Great Strides to register right online! Its a lot of fun. I encourage you all to join! If you'd like to sponsor me in the walk check out Any donation is helpful. I'd be grateful if you spread the page around too. Go ahead, whore it out! :)

Um, anyone watching Survivor?! Cause its the greatest ever. If not, get on it, then tweet me about it.

What else is new.... hmm... Well still looking for a job. Won't complain, you are probably sick of that haha.

Oh, Oh, I know..... I'm planning on a nice spring hike to celebrate my 9 months post transplant on April 22nd. Assuming weather permits. Its going to be great. I'm going to hike the same mountain that kicked my butt pre-transplant. I attempted in summer of 2011, about 1 1/2 yrs into waiting for new lungs. I had my O2 tank cranked up to 8L, 2 huge Gatorades to fight dehydration, and my friend whose now a nurse with me. I made it half way... maybe... and then I had to turn around. I was feeling light headed and very tired and my muscles were shaken and twitching in my legs. So needless to say I didn't make it to the top. Well.... its happening. Nothing will stop me now. It'll just be mountain 1 of 2013!

Just a reminder April is National Donate Life Month. You should already be registered, but if not here's the website, takes 5 minutes! OR visit You get a free t-shirt when you do!! Now that's incentive!! :)

Breathe Easy

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