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Friday, November 11, 2016

Stuck in Cleveland

Hello World!

Well things weren't any better. I'm stuck in Cleveland for now. My lung function dropped another 10% since I was here just a few weeks ago. So over the course of a month or so I've lost 25% of my overall lung function. NOT GOOD! Big red flag.

Good news, we have a plan!

The plan is to do 3 rounds of Apheresis. I'll try and explain this the best way I can, Apheresis is a therapy that circulates all the blood in my body. Basically my body is making "bad plasma" that's causing rejection, and this machine filters out the "bad" and gives me back "good plasma." Once I'm done those 3 rounds of Apheresis, I'm going to be given a chemo agent (I don't remember the name of it) via an IV. Then for the next 6 months I'll need to see my local Dr and get this chemo IV once a month. Hopefully once all that is done this acute rejection will be gone. It's a long road, but what's life without a little struggle? After all said and done, best case scenario will be my lung function goes back up! But at least this should stop it from declining. If it keeps declining, it's back to the drawing board - and let's not g down that road yet.

Getting a round of Apheresis

The machine that filters my blood

So at the moment I'm sitting in a Cleveland Clinic hospital bed. The plan is to be discharged Tuesday or Wednesday next week - assuming everything goes as planned. So it feels like forever away. I miss Brian and my pups. I find hospital stays are "harder" these days - and I think it's cause I know I have Brian at home. I didn't have anyone else before to really "come home to." So it's bittersweet. I will say technology makes things better, I can still see his face every night with FaceTime - which helps.

Other than that, life is going just peachy! Hopefully I'll be back up and running like my usual self in no time.

Breathe Easy

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