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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello World!

My July has been crazy busy! I love it, don't get me wrong. I haven't had this many things planned in a long time. I feel like a real person with a life again. Its nice. A little chaotic sometimes but nice.

My health is stable at the moment. I couldn't ask for more! I made it an entire month with dropping any lung function! I actually went up 1% haha. Thats awesome for me. I usually do a roller coaster type deal, down one month, up the next, then back down. I finally managed to hit a straightaway. I'm hoping to stay on this ride! Since starting my increased tube feeds I do think I've gained weight, although I've been to nervous to actual step on a scale. But I feel fatter, haha. I think the increased  feedings is some how stimulating my appetite even though my stomach is pretty full with these feedings. But I find myself craving some foods again. I LOVE IT!!! I actually ate some chips, almost a whole bag today! So I can't complain about my health, right now its doing good! Well, decent, haha cause lets face it 90lbs and 25% lung function isn't really GOOD. Haha, but stable and I will take that!

In other Jessi news I am a total pro at driving the boat!! I finally got the hang of driving and a friend showed me how to pull people on a tube and water skis. Its awesome. I will say my docking is still terrible but whatevs! I can drive a car but I can't parallel park. Who needs it! Haha. I went swimming... kind of.... for the first time in, maybe 4, years. It was exhilarating! Although I did manage to work myself into a coughing fit which lead to puking while in the water. That was super cute in front of my friends, haha. O CF thank you for always giving me a story to tell.

Right now I'm planning a couple Bridal Showers. One for one of my Best Friends and One for my future Sister-in-Law. The showers fall back-to-back. One this coming weekend and one next. My brain is going to explode with all this wedding and bridal stuff. And I'm not even getting married, haha. But I'm very excited and happy for both! The Showers will be amazing! I need my good health to last until at least October 2nd. I need/want to get through both these weddings feeling good. I'm hoping I feel well enough to walk down both aisles, I'm a bridesmaid in both, O2 free. Cause lets face facts, an ugly red backpack carry O2 and tubing are NOT cute in a nice dress and heels. So CF please... help me out this one time, be nice for the next few months. I would really appreciate it!

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