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Friday, February 17, 2012

Always Thankful

Hello World!

Its that time of the year again... MY BIRTHDAAYYY!!!! I turn a lovely 26 years of age on February 19th! I can't wait, who doesn't love their birthday?! I don't understand why don't want to celebrate their birthdays when they get older. Your birthday is a day to celebrate and be thankful you made it another year.

When I was born they weren't sure if I'd see 1 year. Then in 2009 I became really sick and it wasn't clear if I'd see 24. So I will continue to celebrate every year, because I'm so thankful to be here. Not everyday is pleasant and some seem unbearable but I would rather have a shitty day then no day.


As a birthday gift Boston or Cleveland could call meeee..... :)

Breathe Easy


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have the same birthday as my brother. I hope your day is amazing and that you feel awesome :)

  2. Thanks!!! Happy Birtdhay to your brother!