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Thursday, February 23, 2012

He is the Best

Hello World!

I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again, I have the BEST dog on the planet. Out of all the dogs we have had, I swear he is the sweetest, most easy going one. Max would be a close second, but Tucker takes the cake. He is just a gentle sole and so easy going.

Being a border collie you would expect him to be off the walls all the time and not content with just lounging around, WRONG! Tucker totally adjusts to my wellness everyday. He knows how I'm feeling before I do. On days I have enerygy, Tucker is there to nudge me into doings things. He keeps me active and on the move. Days I feel crappy and tired he has no problem snuggling in next to me for a day of TV and lounging. He is such a good dog!

In other news, my birthday was GREAT! I spent the day shopping with my Mom and Grandma. Then went out to dinner with my friends. It was really nice. I was going to throw in some lazer tag but I didn't really have enough energy to pull that off. So far being 26 is nice. I did get some AARP mail today... hmm... don't know if I'm ready for that yet. But I'll keep them in mind.

As far as my health goes... well it goes. Feb 20th was 21 months of waiting for transplant. No news there. I have my next Cleveland Check-up March 15th... I wish I would get the call before then. I really don't want another ABG. ITS THE WORST THING ABOUT HAVING TO WAIT! Other than sick of waiting, my health is a roller coaster. Good for a couple weeks then it tanks.

Aside from my health sickness has been running rampamt through my house. Both my parents and my brother have been sick the past few weeks. We are due for some good news.

Breathe Easy

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