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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Damn You

Hello World!

Well I'm back in house again. FUN! I was having poopy problems. Wasn't able to go for 3 days! Oye! Stuff was all backed up and it was giving me incredible belly pains. While that was happening my body decided, 'Hey, lets throw in some ridiculous chest pains too.' SO THAT WAS AWESOME! My chest was hurting so bad I couldn't sleep or eat or lay down or virtually move in anyway!!!!! I wanted to die. The Doctors came in and they asked "on a scale of 1-10..." (you know) I said... or semi-screamed "like an 8! 8! Dear God its an 8!!!" I didn't want to say 9 or 10 fearing that would be a "challenge" to my body to cause me more pain. Damn you Cystic Fibrosis, Damn You!

Today is day 4. Chest pain is virtually gone and the poops are under control! :)

I plan on pushing to get myself discharged and finish my IVs at home. I hate it heerreeee!! I'm so bored all day long. So hopefully I'll get out of here early next week and they don't make me stay the full IV run here. Besides I miss Tucker and the other squishy faces. They need me!

So after a few days of getting my butt kicked I'm starting to feel normal again. Now time to decide what I want to do for my Birthday... its 17 days away!!! I'm thinking laser tag... buuutttt not really sure if I can actually do laser tag. Thats a lot of work.... hmmm..... I'll have to think about it.

Oh and I discovered this new game on the Iphone.... Rope n' Fly. I dig it. Check it out!

Breathe Easy


  1. Hey! I just saw that you had commented on one of my post! Sorry I am just getting back to you now. That's awesome that you are now duel listed! How come it has taken so long for lungs to come in for you? Although I have already had a double lung transplant this is the first time I will be put on a waiting list for lungs I am so nervous. I was told I could possible wait up to 8 months at the most but then I see you have been waiting for 20 months?!? that is crazy! well I hope your new lungs come soon! your first few breaths without oxygen after your new lungs is one of the best feeling ever! and I cannot wait to feel it again :)

  2. Not totally sure why, my small size I know is a factor. I can't wait for life after new lungs!! Hope your wait isn't too long!