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Monday, July 9, 2012

Going Well

Hello World!

Hope everyone, or all my fellow Americans, had a great 4th of July. Mine was nice. Spent it with my parents, Ate some lobster, and comforted Tucker who was terrified of the fireworks. Overall a good holiday.

Made a trip out to Ohio a few weeks ago for routine pretransplant check-up stuff. Everything went well, no changes really. Still just a waiting game. My overall health is good at the moment. I would say I'm on the up side of this roller coaster ride at moment.

Got to see one of my best friends this weekend! It was great. I have 4 close/best friends. 1 lives in Washington DC, 1 lives in CT, 1 lives in Maine, and the other splits her time between here and Boston. So needless to say they are out of town a lot. So it was great to see my friend this weekend. We laughed A LOT. Took stupid pictures, made fun of each other, gossiped, ate junk food, and watched movies. It was perfect!

Hoping to have some news about my Dad soon! I can't wait to share!

Breathe Easy

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