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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1 Month

Hello World!

Well today, August 22nd makes 1 month post transplant!!! AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!

I had a check up today and I'm doing great. Chest x-ray's look great, and everything is healing on schedule. Best part my PFTs, (Pulmonary Function Test) were at 66%!! Woooooooo!!!! Pre-transplant my PFTs were 17-20% on a good day. So it feels amazing to be able to take a deep breath. It has been so long since I've really felt my whole chest fill with air when I breathe in. I'm told that between 3-6 months is when my new lungs should plateau at their maximum capacity. My goal is 70% but anything higher would be stellar!

It still blows my mind when I wake up in the morning and I don't have to have a coughing session, followed by catching breath, and then usually more coughing. I can just wake up and get up! It was taking me at least an hour to get ready to go anywhere now, I can be out the door in 5-10 minutes. Everyday I am just so excited to start enjoying life again. I did as much as I could before but I still missed out on a lot. I feel like I have to make up for lost time and nothing is going to stand in my way. I'm going to push myself - sometimes too much. But its a learning process.

I still get frustrated with myself because stairs and inclines are hard, ok very hard. I have to keep reminding myself that I hadn't been able to walk really for most of 2012. And even before that exercise was really limited. The doctors and Physical Therapists are always telling me I'm doing great and not worry it will get easier. But I'm just impatient I guess. Rebuilding muscle is sooo HARD! Once its gone, it takes a lot to bring it back. So that would have to big my biggest frustration/complaint. I'm ready go... so my muscles need to get on board!

In other news, My Dad is doing well. He had major surgery to remove his cancer on Aug 17th. He is still in house but was finally allowed to eat Popsicles and broth today. Which he was thrilled about. Ice chips just weren't doing it, and I can agree! He is doing really well, the doctors said they got all the cancer. The only problem is a small portion of his right lung collapsed which caused him to be short of breath and require extra oxygen. He was on 4L and they have tapered him down 2L. The docs said tomorrow he may get to come off it all together. But his spirits are high and "enjoying" the hospital as much as you can, haha.

One last note, Thank you, thank you, thank you to my donor! Those words don't mean enough for what you have given me. Your generosity has impacted my life in bigger ways than I could imagine. You gave the ultimate gift and I promise to treat this precious gift with care and keep myself as healthy as possible. I plan on doing amazing things. Nothing can stop me now. And everywhere I go and everything I do, I'm taking a small piece (literally) of you with me. You will NEVER be forgotten.

Breathe Easy

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