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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Dad

Hello World!

Ok friends I need you to shift all the good thoughts and prayers and kind words from me to my Dad. As I've mentioned before he has stage 4 colorectal cancer that has also spread to his liver. Today he is going to have his 1st surgery to place some kind of mesh net near his heart to catch blood clots. Then tomorrow he has his big surgery.

He is going to have surgery to try and remove the few tumors that are left on his liver and a small tumor left in his colon. All the other tumors miraculously shrank and disappeared over the past 3 years of chemo.

Originally the doctors told my Dad he would never be able to have an operation because the cancer was so advance. Basically he was only suppose to survive about 1.5 years. So the doctors are amazed how well he is still doing. And if the surgery goes perfectly my Dad will be cancer free!!!

That's amazing! Cancer free, after being told 1.5 years! There is always a chance the cancer could come back but that could be months or years even! Imagine a death sentence basically to freedom again!

That sad part is I'm stuck in Cleveland and can't be with him. So my heart is a little broken. My family is close and I wish I was there. Being so far away is not easy. But I know he is in good hands and going to do wonderfully!

First I get my lungs and now he may be cancer free.... We are kickin some booty in this family! We don't give up and never stop fighting. Its not in our blood.

I love my Dad.

Breathe Easy

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