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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Got This

Hello World!

Its been a while and my, my, my life sure is interesting.

I had my 6 month post transplant check up. Everything went great. I had to update a few extra tests so I stayed in Cleveland for 4 days. One of the tests was a PH probe. If you've never had one it can be done in 2 ways. A BRAVO, where they sedate you and attach this small monitor to your throat - you don't feel it - and it monitors your acid reflux. And the most common way is threading a small tube through your nose and down your throat. I of course experienced the tube, SUCKS! It doesn't bother some people, I found it very annoying and made it hard to swallow solid foods. The food felt like it would tug on the tube when it passed by. Ugh!! I almost choked swallowing my pills! haha. Thankfully the results came back great and I'm all set for a few years.

My PFTs, Lung Function Test, was at an amazing 96%! I'm not sure if my old lungs were ever that good. I don't believe I was ever above the 80s. So I'm floored. I'm only 4% away from 100 and that would be AMAZING to hit triple digits.

I think my appetite has hit an all time high, which is great! Maybe I'll actually get some meat on my butt so it doesn't hurt to sit on hard surfaces. I eat 3 meals a day, with a snack between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner, and then I am sometimes hungry 2-3 hours after dinner! I can eat an entire small 12inch pizza by myself and still be hungry. That may sound piggish but I'm coming from a position on half a slice would be enough for the day. I love food, I LOVE cooking these days! My Dad is awesome in teaching my his techniques and recipes. I probably call him 3-4 times a week for cooking tips. Cooking has definitely given my something to be proud of again.

My job is going well. I love it there. I'm only part time so naturally I wish I had more hours. But I think for just having a transplant 6 months ago, I'm doing pretty good. So I need to keep that into perspective and not push to hard and cause any sickness for myself. Its tough because I just want to go go go.

News on the Dad front is murky. His cancer is spreading. He went in house last week to have 2 small tumors removed off his liver and when they got in there the cancer had taken over his entire liver. In 2 weeks they had gone from small tumors to his whole liver, that's fast. They have also found markers in his blood stream. This is dangerous because the cancer can now land anywhere in his body. As a family we kind of thought we had done all we could, we have tried EVERYTHING they have thrown at us. And his oncologist basically told us, there is nothing left to try. Well thankfully my Dad's oncologist is leaving for another hospital so my Dads complicated and rare case got switched to the head of the oncology department. This gentlemen gave hope back to our family. He said there are 2 new drugs that just came out recently we can try, and also try Chemo again - which did hold off his cancer for 3 years! When my Dad was first diagnosed in July 2009, it was 6months-1year. Check him out now... 3 1/2 years later! So Suck It Cancer! We are all hopeful for the new therapies.

As a family, WE GOT THIS!

Breathe Easy

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