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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Been A Little Bit

Hello World!

I bet you thought I forgot about you..... NOPE!

Just been been busying. February just flew by. Turned out to be an up and down month for me. I'm not working anymore, but the job search. Still hopeful I find something perfect. I liked working at Petco, but the people there just weren't for me. Not sure what I want to be when I grow up so I'm still searching. It would be great to find a job where I could actually use my college degree. Its not easy putting together a resume when I haven't worked in so long. Right after I graduated in May 2009 I ended up in a coma in Sept.... so needless so say there is no experience here haha. I could change a dressing, distribute meds oral and IV, show you have to shower/bath without getting IVs wet, administer feeding, set up IV or Feed Tube pump, change a mickey button, use a bipap machine, count calories, eat til I puke then eat again because I just wasted all those calories, handle a coughing attack which leads to puking while driving, But those aren't really skills people want on an application. So I feel a little stuck. I just need one person to take a chance on me. I'm a good worker, its in my blood!

I also celebrated my 27th birthday this month! So awesome. One of my best friends happen to have a birthday 2 days after mines. So we did a joint birthday bash. It was fun. Lots of laughs, yelling, game playing, and just a smidge bit of drinking. It was great. One of my other best friends took me out to dinner on my birthday too. That was fun, got to meet a lot of new people and eat CHINESE FOOD!
So thankful to celebrate my 27th birthday. In Sept 2009, the doctors weren't sure I was going to make it out of that coma, so Feb 2010 was my 24th birthday, I was so so so thankful for that day and since then my birthday wish was always to just make it to the next one, just give me one more year. Since I got my transplant in July 2012, I'm free to wish a little bigger this year. For that reason alone I'm forever in debt to my donor. They saved my life.
Birthday Shots!

My Dream Team!

Oh hey, I signed up for my first 5K ever.

Yes, me, I really did it. A good friend named Gabe, who also happens to have CF and also happens to be less than a yr post transplant and bulletproof, asked me if I would do this with him. I was really not sure at first. I have NEVER been a runner. I usually give people with "run for fun" grief. So I mentioned to a few people I was thinking about doing this and everyone one of them said I was nuts and no way could I do it.... so I committed that day. Don't ever tell me something is crazy and I can't do it. Do you just meet me? Read MY story. Don't doubt me. Ever. I can and will complete this race. Will I be able to run the whole thing, probably not. But it won't stop me from trying. I'm a pretty stubborn person when it comes to these things. I don't like to quit, take the easy, or worse not ever try. That's just not me and never has been.

Ever pre-transplant when I had an oxygen tank to lug around, tube feeds to do, and a wheelchair I went boating, attempted hiking, little bit of swimming - all that junk wasn't going to stop me then. Nothing can stop me now.

Live it up, Laugh at yourself, Be kind to others, and Dream the impossible.

Oh and happy 30th birthday to my brother Jason!!! You're my favorite red-head!
And check out Gabe's Blog, also called Breathe Easy!
Breathe Easy

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