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Monday, May 23, 2011

Naner, Naner, Naner!

Hello World!

SOOO its been kind of a busy few days/weeks. I love being busy but MAN its exhausting! Haha. My family opened up our Lake House on May 15th... This past weekend I officially moved my stuff in and made myself comfortable in my summer crash pad. I LOVE the lake. Our house is on Lake Winnipesaukee. It is my favorite place in America.... I specify America because Aruba is probably my favorite place on the planet.
Alton Bay, NH - Sunset

Because I don't work or have school I get to stay at  the Lake House all the time. My parents and brother only come up on the weekends usually because they have to work during the week... Naner Naner Naner!!This summer I'll be taking Lucy up with me as well as Tucker. Tucker came up and stayed with me last summer. I love my pack of poochies but it was nice just me and Tucker during the week and then the rest of the pack came up on the weekends. It'll be fun!

We had our first small get together this weekend. We had lobsters, steamers, and steak! YUMMYY! It was so good. And I'm glad I have my appetite back because I ate about a pound of steamers then 1.25lb lobster and then a piece of steak, some beans, cottage cheese, and corn!! WOOOOO!! I finished it all off with a brownie and piece of peanut butter pie! God, I love having an appetite. We had this delicious lunch/dinner for my Grandma's birthday! She turned 83 on May 16. And she is going strong. The rate she is going she may out live me! Haha. I love her, she is awesome.

As for medical 'news,' haha, my 1 year check-up appointment with the Transplant team went well. I had to update some tests and just have a check-up. I have to have another check-up in 4 months. HOPEFULLY by then I'll have my new lungs and won't need that appointment. That would be stellar! I have a couple more days of IVs to finish up at home. Then I can be deaccessed!! YAYYYY!!! I'm hoping this hospital stay will be the only one this summer and I can make it until the fall before I need another. I would like to be able to enjoy the next few months and not be sick. So please, please, please, CF God let me stay in good condition!

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  1. I hope you have a great time at the summer place! My summer holidays will probably involve not going anywhere!

  2. Thanks! You should get out there and do something! Don't let the good weather go to waste.