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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Holy Hook-Up Batman!

Hello World!

I had my monthly CF clinic yesterday. Didn't go great. I figured as much though. For the past week or so I've needed more oxygen and I've been more tired than usual. The extra O2 helps combat the fatigue but its annoying. I hate have no energy to do things. I miss the days I could just spring up from bed in the morning and go go go. Now when I wake up, I have to lay there for 5-10mins, then sit up for 5-10mins, THEN I can get out of bed and move around my room. But I still need to take my time because, my room is located downstairs, so after getting up my first task is a flight of stairs. HOLY MOLY! Hhaha. Its good for me, just tiring. I tend to have a coughing freakout when I get to the top of the stairs. Its ridiculous, I use to be able to run up the stairs, now I can barely walk. So Lame! I coughed up some blood the past 2 days as well. Thats always a great sign, haha. Thankfully it seems to have stopped. My PFTs were down about 8% which isn't good at all, but I actually expected it. My weight was stable which is GREAT! I mean gaining weight would be phenomenal but the fact that I didn't lose any in a month is fantastic news!!

So the game plan is a hospital visit for a clean out. I'll be going in next Monday, the 9th. I have 5 'bugs' in me right now. 3 staph, with MRSA, and 2 pseudos. My pseudos are resistant to EVERYTHING! I love to harbor the worst of the worst, haha. My doc said he is going to try a new med with me, something like, Doripenum? Anyone had that before? He said it has to be dripped in over 4 HOURS 3X A DAY! Holy Hook-up Batman! I guess I'll be getting real cozy with my pole haha. Hopefully it works and kicks some CF-Buggy-Butt! I would like to be hospital free this summer so I can actually enjoy my summer!

I don't have any complaints outside the typical CF whining. I have a family BBQ this sunday to attend. It should be fun. Sunday is also Mother's Day! Not sure what I'm doing for my Mama yet but I'll think of something. May 2nd was my Dads birthday! Happy Birthday Pop! In Tucker news, I brought out his little pool last week. Tuck thought he was in heaven. He just LOVES water! Maxi is also a little swimmer. Ruby and Shotti want NOTHING to do with water and swimming. Lucy isn't sure yet. She has never experienced anything like a "pool" before. It'll be exciting to see if she is a swimmer at the Lake! And we get to move up to the Lake May 15th!! Wooooo!!! I can't wait. BOAT TIME!

**R.I.P. Callie**

Breathe Easy

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