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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Extra Yum!

Hello World!

Well, I got the word and I am out of the hospital tomorrow!! Alright! I'm not sure my exact PFT numbers. Altough PFTs were weird. I always do 3 attempts. During my first attempt I took a deep breath and then got a sharp pain in my chest, so that one sucked. On my second attempt, when I pushed the air out I made this really weird noise. Haha almost like I was yelling. Not sure where that noise came from inside me haha. So that attempt was awkward. My third attempt was the only good, normal attempt. So I'm not sure the percentages but they were good enough to earn me a ticket out of here!! I will continue IV antibiotics for 5 more days at home. Not too shabby. I've done that before.

Something that made me smile: Tonight my respritory therapist was thing young guy. He was cute and chatty and friendly. It was nice. While chit-chatting I learned he has a borderc ollie name Bobby, EXTRA POINTS! So we talked about our dogs and it was lovely. I'll take him to go, does he make house calls?? haha. Go figure though, I have had this kind of creepy older guy as my RT for teh past 3 nights. I finally get a good one and I'm going home. Just my luck, haha. O well. I would rather go home than stay in the hospital just to see this guy.

So I can't wait for tomorrow. I'll get to see my pack! I miss Tucker the most. My mom said he has been wild while I'm gone. Probably because of the lack of play time. So I know he'll be excited to see me. And we are going to romp in the snow. I need a pick of the boy in the snow this winter. Maybe I'll try getting a video of his crazyness. He does love the snow. It the simple things in life that make it all worth it in the end.

Winter of '08-'09

Winter of '09-'10

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