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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still Captive

Hello World!

Well I'm still in the hospital. Day 6. Feeling a little better. Breathing is definetly better. Headaches are gone, thank God! I hate having headaches. My turn around hasn't been as quick as it usually is. Which is a little discouraging. I'm hoping this is just slow because of whatever the bugs were that I caught. Sadly though I think it might be the new usual. It might just take me longer to rebound from an illness. I've been in the hospital more times in the past few months than usual as well. Scary. I'm hoping things turn around and I don't have to be in the hospital every couple of weeks. Thats no way to live. It would be wonderful if I would just get that Transplant call. I could use those new lungs!! Well this is just a short blurb. I don't have much to share. Still truckin' along on the road of recovery. No idea when I may get out of here yet either. So just resting up and getting better as fast as possible. Thanks to everyone who wished me well and said prayers. All those are greatly appreciated! Much love to all of you!

Breathe Easy


  1. *soft paw* So glad those headaches finally went away. That's the idea - just get better as fast as possible. We is saying our purrayers and sending #healingpaw for quicker recovery and strength and good health. And yes, our new friend, breathe easy *tailwags* #pawcircle

  2. Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts. I appreciate them!