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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tucker James

Hello World!

So I'm still in the hospital. I miss my pup. So I decided to blog just about him tonight!

His name is Tucker James. He is a purebred Border Collie. I got him from a breeder for my 23rd birthday! He was born December 5, 2008! He came to live with me February 9, 2009. He is my baby!

Tucker's first night with me!
Tucky's first real car ride (other than the trip home)!

So cute!!
Playing with his best friend Max!
Tuck with his first frisbee. Was able to catch it in the air at 3 months!

Graduated Puppy Basic Training Class!

Tucker's first swim in the lake!!!

His first boat ride!!!

Tucker passed his Canine Good Citizen test!!

Someone gauged his face while wrestling. Boys!

My baby baby! He is so handsome!!

Breathe Easy


  1. That's one cute dog. I hope they kick you out of jail soon so you get home to hang out with him.

  2. Thanks!! I picked him out myself, haha. I'm hoping to get out before the weekend. But not sure yet.

  3. OMD Tucker is just the handsomest doggy *tailwags* I'm sure we would be great friends with him *play bow* We're so happy you have the pack - as you know, doggies are wonderful pick-me-ups and bestest friends ever! xxx Keep well, my new friend.