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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello World!

Nothing overly exciting happening with me. I have one more day of IV antibiotics and then done!! Hopefully this time I'll stay out of the hospital for a while.  Friday I have a check-up appointment with the Transplant Team. Hopefully it will be uneventful and everything will check-out just fine. Today I had to have blood drawn. After the visiting nurse was an hour late she poked me several times and missed everytime! She did get one vein once then bumped the needle and it popped out. Great!! I have really tiny veins that don't like to show themselves. Not good for blood draws.

On the home front Lucy will be getting spayed next week. I'm hoping after she is spayed maybe it will help with her dominace. Her tries very hard to be dominant right now to the smaller poochies. Her and Max get into little scuffles about the order in the pack. It needs to stop. Drives me crazy.

Lucy and Max snuggling, for now.

We have gotten lots of snow lately. Fun! I actually suited up in full snow gear and trekked around outside with Tucker! I haven't had energy or felt good enough to do that in years!! So awesome and I know Tucker loved having me out there. He enjoys being outside more when he has a person out there with him. Good Times.

Breathe Easy

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