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Saturday, February 12, 2011

B-day is coming

Hello World!

My birthday is in 7 days, February 19th. I am going to be the big 2-5!! I am so excited. 25 is a milestone in anyones life. But I feel extra grateful for turning 25 because I almost didn't see 24! I love birthdays. You are never guaranteed another and battling Cystic Fibrosis just adds an extra hurdle to overcome everyday. Now, I know some people will read that and think "wow, thats negative" But its not, its realistic. The average life expectancy for someone with CF these days is about 35 years. Yes there are people who live longer, and I've met.. well, spoken to them. But there are also some out there that don't see 10 or 16 or 20. So I am very grateful for every year of life I get. I love to celebrate with friends and family. Doing it big is the only way to celebrate a birthday!! Wooo!!

ANYWHO! My parents, who are wonderful, got me an iPhone for my birthday! I am absolutely in love with it! I don't know how I survived without one for so long, haha. It is the second best gift I have ever gotten. The first gift being Tucker for my 23rd birthday. If you have an iPhone and have an good or interesting apps let me know! I'm partial to free ones but if they are good enough I'll splurge and buy one.

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  1. Congrats on your soon to be 25th birthday. I wish you many more and the best in life - like another 10 dogs in your life. Puppyland. I can't keep track of all of your dogs.

  2. Haha! Thanks! I wish I could have 10 more dogs! Haha. But I live with my parents still and they say no more. One day though, one day!!!