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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stellar Weekend

Hello World!

I had a GREAT weekend!! I hope yours was just as good. My weekend started Friday night. I went to a surprise party for my friends mother. It was her 50th! It was so fun. They are great people. Her friends even roasted her. That was probably the best part. Very funny.
This is her Cake!

On Saturday I had brunch at another friends house. Her mom cooked us breakfast and then we talked about her wedding. I'm a bridesmaid so we chit-chatted about dresses, colors, and pretty much all things wedding. I got to see her dress too, BEAUTIFUL! I have a picture but will not post it. I don't want anyone seeing it who isn't suppose tooo!! After brunch I went back to my house and vegged out for a few hours and talked more wedding stuff, but for a different wedding, with my Ma. My older brother is getting married as well. He is actually getting hitched the weekend before my friend! Very close together. So me and my mother talked about my brothers wedding and all that jazz. Saturday evening I went out roller skating for my birthday! It was awesome! So much fun. Friday, I got the all clear from my doctor to roller skate O2 free! That was probably the best part. It was so nice not having to lug my tank around! After roller skating the group of us went out to TGIFridays for drinks and food. There my friends surprised me with a cake!! It was super yummy! Vanilla and white frosting... The best kind out there! They put 25 candles on it too. Wow, that was tough to blow out, I required a little help, haha. Over all it was a great birthday!!
The bunch that went roller skating!

Blowing out my candles!!

Sunday was just a day of relaxation and recovery. I just vegged out most of the day. Watched a few movies with my mom. Tomorrow I have to plans to for a lunch and movie date with some girl friends. It should be fun! Overall it was a great weekend. One of the best I've had in a long time. I just love my friends. They are so good to me!

On a CF note. Today is officially 9 months of waiting for my transplant. A person can grow a baby inside them in 9 months.... I'm ready for my babies. BWH call me....

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  1. Those aren't candles, they're bottle rockets! What a blast. :)

  2. Hahaha. Yeah they were pretty big