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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Extra Baggage

Hello World!

Well this is turning out to be a very busy and expensive month. Lots of doctor's appointments. Several birthdays - Including Mine!! - Have to register and inspect my car. May not seem like a lot but its a busy month for me considering how much activity I usually have.

My poor baby Tucker didn't feel well today. I think he had an upset stomach. I'll be watching him the next couple of days. He was extremely mellow and just wanted to sleep all day. He was also much more clingy than he usually is. A typical Tucker day involes bringing me a toy to throw ALL day long! He doesn't have an off switch, haha. So it was weird that all he wanted to do was sleep today.
Here he is at bedtime trying to get me to throw it one more time.

Had another doctor's appointment today. It went better than I thought it would. My PFTs are still 25% but atleast they didn't drop. My weight went down another couple pounds. Thats not good! So I have to increase my tube feeds. I may have to be hooked up around the clock. Thank God I have a portable pump. Although carrying a bag for tube feedings and a bag for oxygen, I look like I moving out! Haha. It is a lot of extra baggage. Hopefully the round the clock feedings is only temporary. I have to check in again next Monday.

A fellow CFer posted this quote and I liked it... "Cystic Fibrosis can't get me down cause I'm a deep breather, power eater, germ zapper, pill popper, and I shake for the fun of it" - AM

Breathe Easy


  1. *soft paw* We hope Tucker feels better tomorrow. Maybe he ate something yukky? We sending #healingpaw and pawsitive thoughts for him. And face licks to you *jumping up* Hope next Monday even better news for you *tailwags*

  2. Thanks! Yes, Tucker is feeling better. He is back to mischevious self, haha.