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Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello World!

Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

I'm the type of person who generally needs proof in order to fully believe something. Without proof, its just someone else's word. I don't like to discount things because of lack of proof but I like the phrase "evidence speaks for itself."

My mother believes in Guardian Angels. She has her reasons and I respect them. She has shared with me 2 stories that gave her proof of their existence. The first story was about when she met my Dad. It was a blind date and they were meeting at a bar. She walked into the bar and swears she saw a halo floating above my Dad's head. They have been together for a little over 30 years now and still going strong. The other story she shared with me happened to my Mom when she was driving. She had all 3 of us (the kids) in the car. We were 3,4, and 7 at the time. Her van hit some ice and was sliding nose first into a cement wall. She said it happen so fast but one minute she was sliding and the next her car was stopped and parked in the breakdown lane. She fully believes her Guardian Angel helped her steer. There have been other times as well, she said but has not shared them with me. She believes everyone has a Guardian Angel watching over them.

In early 2009, I was really down. I was incredibly sick and slipping into a depression slump. I was finishing up my last semester of college and it just seemed to be taking everything out of me. I was feeling pretty lonely so I asked my mom if I could get a dog, I live in my parents house so their rules. She agreed to let me got one but with one condition: It couldn't be a small lap dog that I would just lay around and cuddle with. So I decided I wanted a smart dog, one not too big but not a little guy either, my pooch could be a slobber hound because I hate dog drool. I wanted a low maintence pooch. A family friend suggested a Border Collie. I did a little research on the breed and met her 2 BC's and feel in love. I wanted a BC! We found a local breeder in the paper who had some pups that were ready to go, perfect timing! I had in my head that I really wanted a black and white BC. We get to the breeders and all the pups are Liver (brown) and White. There were 2 girls and 1 boy. They are puppies so of course I was thinking SO CUTE! But the little guys squirmed around on the floor and I picked up each girl, they were very small BC's. Then this little brown furball came barreling around the corner and looked like a little bear cub. I picked him up, he was a little smelly and dirty from being outside and just melted. He was mine. Tucker became mine that day, February 9, 2009.

Tucker has been an incredible dog for me, right from the start. He is high energy and always wants to play. He is very smart and is highly trainable. Tucker has kept me active and moving. He has provided companionship in many ways. He seemed to come into my life at the perfect time. Tuck has never once tried to chew my O2 tubing, been scared of all my machines, gotten into any of my medical crap. I think, he thinks, all my medical stuff is just an extension of me. Its been wonderful. I have taken him to serveral training classes and one day we might even do some agility. He always seems to know my moods and in a way, takes care of me. He lays outside the tub when I shower, sleeps at the foot of the bed, walks next to me without a leash. He is always right there with me and for me. Sometimes with Cystic Fibrosis I have coughing fits, which can lead to gagging and sometimes throwing up. Tucker knows to give me some space and just watches to make sure I'm ok. When I can collect myself again he will wonder up and just sniff me as to say, You Ok? He is an amazing dog.

Tucker leads me to believe there is someone or something always looking out for you. I like proof and evidence and I think Tucker is that. Whether Guardian Angels are true or not, I know I have a Guardian in Tucker. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today, without him in my life. As cheesey as it sounds, he gives me a reason to get up some mornings. Sometimes that reason is to Pee and Eat but hey, getting up is half the battle somedays.

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  1. Can I use this post for 365? THIS is the type of stuff I want lady!

  2. Yeah sure!!! You can use anything you want!

  3. Such a sweet post! I have a small dog and I love him just as much as any other family member. I definitely believe I have a guardian angel and that God has his hand on my life, but dogs certainly are special creatures!

  4. Dogs rule. Our Remy was a border collie and I know he looked out for all of us. A very furry little angel. :)

  5. My Nan has had two experiences when "something" spoke to her, told her to do something, which she did - and then both times found out that if she hadn't, she would have died for sure. So she certainly believes in Guardian Angels.
    Then a number of years ago her daughter died. Nan stopped living & loving - it wasn't until we dogs came into her life 4 years ago that she woke up. Maybe we're not Guardian Angels, but we are definitely sent by God (and we reckon he has a doggy too!) xx

  6. A very nice post. You made the right choice with that pup. It was meant to be. You found each other.

  7. Dogs are great like that. I got my little dog Pip when I was really unwell about 8 years ago, and I credit her with making my life at the time so much easier and happier. They don't judge and are good company, particularly when you're stuck at home. I love hearing about other people's happy dog stories. Thank you.