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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello World!

Had a great weekend! I attended a surprise birthday party for one of my best friend's fiance, Matt. He turned 26! She did a great job at planning his birthday. We went to Legal Seafoods in Boston! The menu was cutomized to say "Happy Birthday Matt" at the top. Very cool. After that the bunch we out to some bars and had a good time. I didn't go out after dinner, I had to return home and hook up to my IV pole. So that was a bummer. But there is always next year!
Matt and Chelsea!

The whole bunch of us at dinner!

Well that was Saturday. Today is Wednesday. I completed my last round of IVs today! Which means I get to be deaccessed! So great. I thought it would happen today but the Visiting Nurse couldn't come out today so it has to wait until tomorrow. But after I will finally be able to take a REAL shower again AND I will get to scratch! I have sensitive skin to tape, so I itch the entire time I have a tegaderm on my skin. I have scratched so hard in the past that I ripped my Teg and needed a replacement. Ooopsy!

Tomorrow, March 31st, is also one of my best and oldest friends Birthdays!!!! I have known Chad since 6th grade! We have been through so much together. We have have tried the dating thing but we realized we are just friends, no romance feelings there. O well. We have also bonded over medical problems. I have a bunch and so does he. His biggest one is Diabetes. He was diagnosed in 8th grade and it was very scary. He was also by my side on a daily basis when I almost lost my life in 2009. My whole family knows him and I know his whole family. He is truely a great friend. He is sadly in the hospital right now. Been there since the 22nd. He has a mystery problem going in in his chest. He has been put through tons of tests and procedures but the Doctors can't figure out whats wrong. : / So tomorrow I'm going to bring him brownies, not sure if he can eat yet, but they are his favorite. I've got my fingers crossed they figured it out soon so he can get out of there!

Chad and Patrick, who has been with him since birth!

Its a little weird being on this side of the hospital situation. I don't really like it. I'm just so curious whats up with him that I bonbard him with questions all day everyday haha. Which I know must get annoying. So I'm hopinh he gets out soon so I can stop bugging him. Thinking good thoughts!

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