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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purple Cupcake

Hello World!

Well, I'm back in the slammer aka the hospital. I have a fever for 3 days and even turned a little blue one day. So off to the hospital for a clean out I went. Still here, day 4. Having a good response to the IVs so hoping for an early release next week. I'll then finish up the 14 day cycle of meds at home.

The other day, on twitter, I saw a fellow CFer mention that they hate when people say they "suffer with CF." I tatally agree. I would never say I suffer. Sure my life may be different but by no means am I suffering. I have tons of love and support, a roof over my head, food in my belly and clothes on my back. I'm NOT suffering. You should never say anyone suffers from CF. Just because it isn't easy to live with doesn't mean its impossible.

I miss my Tucker. I always miss him when I'm gone. My Mom humors me and holds the phone up so I can yell his name and get him all excited. Ha. Shes a good mom. Today she brought me a Purple Velvet Cupcake from a local bakery. It was sooo good. Its tastes like vanilla and had buttercream frosting. I tried to convince my future sister in-law to get that as her wedding cake since her colors are a deep purple and burnt orange. But she decided its just too different, bummer. O well, now my wedding cake can be purple!! Hahha.
Breathe Easy


  1. That is the coolest cupcake I have ever seen. Beats a red velvet any day. :)

    Any chance you could bottle your good spirits and get them on Ebay? I need something for my cranky days.

  2. Ha! I definetly have my cranky days. Everyone is entitled to them. Its just important to not dwell on them. Its not healthy for you and after a few days people are usually sick of hearing about it. So cranky it up for a day or so and then move on from things you can't change! :)