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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Never an Age Limit

Hello World!

I had a dentist appointment yesterday. I needed a filling. I have never had a filling before so when the dentist asked if I wanted lidocane I wasn't sure. I have a bad anxiety when it comes to the unknown, well unknown procedures. I like to know what is going to take place, everything. Well I wasn't told about the process of a filling until the day of. They wanted to put a needle in my mouth to administer the lidocane. To most people that is nothing, a small pinch. To me, nothing is a small pinch. Needle sticks hurt, a lot. For most people it isn't pleasent obviously but tolerable. I can't deal with anything painful. I have no tolerance for pain. It is a HUGE weakness of mine. I hurt and bruise easily. It is not fun.

But what bothers me the most is that because I'm 25 Doctors and even the Dentist think I should just be OK with being poked. WRONG! I don't get why there is an age limit on fear. Just cause I'm not 5 doesn't mean I should be ok with getting poked. I tend to shed some tears when I'm frustrated and nervous. Its just me and what I do. I have a little cry during the procedure and then I'm fine afterward. I once had a nurse tell me I was too old to be crying and to stop, I was 19 at the time. UH WHAT?!?! I will cry at any age I want! I must of missed the memo on crying etiquette. I was blown away when that nurse said that to me. Well needless to say I told my mother, who the spoke to my Doctor and well that nurse was no longer allowed in my room. Sorry to all the nurse out there who will read that and think "over reaction." But part of your job is to help make the patient comfortable. That nurse did nothing but make me feel uncomfortable.

Now I'm off topic. My point was I just don't understand why some people think there should be an age limit of fear. No one ever says to someone you are to old to be afraid of heights or spiders. Thats just ridiculous to say. No one can tell me how to feel. And if I feel upset or nervous its going to show. I'm not going to hide it for their sake. I am my own person.

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  1. I'm 43 (shh, don't tell anyone) and you're spot on. There's no age limit on fear. Being afraid means you're alive and it keeps you honest.

  2. Don't worry I won't tell anyone! :)

  3. You just got your first filling? How lucky are you? Do you not eat anything with sugar? Or do you walk around brushing your teeth all day? Amazing.

  4. O I eat a lot of sugar, haha. I don't know how I've escaped so long without a filling.