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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Cough

Hello World,

I hear once you get a lung transplant you have to be taught how to cough again. Can I decline this? haha. I HATE coughing. I know, I know, coughing helps move and clear junk out of my lungs. But come on! Couldn't God or whoever given Cystic Fibrosis people a better, more flattering way of moving and clearing junk?

There is not one thing that is sexy about coughing. When I have a coughing attack, my face becomes red or even purplish, sometimes I gag or throw up, sometimes I pee, and about 95% of the time I get a lovely glob of mucus to come shooting up from the depths of my lungs. Now doesn't that sound cute?!

Now that I have drawn all this attention to myself with the coughing freakout, people are worried about me, asking if I'm ok. ORRR They back away and think "What the hell does she have!" Its pretty awesome. I get asked EVERYDAY if I'm sick or have a cold. I worked at a take out place one summer, I didn't even touch the food, but the looks I got from people if I starting coughing at all could burn a hole through a cement wall. I understand, kind of, I mean I wouldn't want someone to cough on my food either, but to glare at me like I'm carrying the black plague is just plain ridiculous.

Coughing is so not cute. And what makes it even worse, I think, is that fact that after I cough up a storm I need to spit the junk I just hacked up, out! If guys didn't line up before, they sure will once they see that! haha. Coughing just plain sucks. After transplant I DO NOT want to be taught how to cough again! Haha, leave that pesky monkey behind.


Breathe Easy


  1. I feel the same way! I hate the looks I get when I have a little coughing attack. It's awful. You feel so alienated! I'd love to be cough free too! I'd love it if a cough just simply meant I was a little congested or had a cold. Oh well, God dealt me this for a reason... Guess I'll just deal! :)

  2. Couldn't agree more. I, too, have issues with urinating while coughing. I have heard that doing kegel exercises really helps. I'll let you know but so far I haven't found ANYTHING to help.

    Being cough free would so amazing. Keep fighting and keep writing :)

  3. Yes but if you don't re-learn coughing post-transplant, you won't keep things from getting into those new, precious lungs that don't need to be there.

    Ashley said that she also had to re-learn how to laugh after he transplant. She said she'd laugh but no sound would come out. It's just odd to me, but I suppose it makes sense from a muscle-memory point of view.