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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling Good

Hello World!

I have been feeling, overall, good the past few weeks! I'm definetly ready for this warm weather to be here all the time. I've been out walking more with the dogs. We even went for a walk through the woods. It was great fun and a little challenging. Maybe I'll try hiking again this summer. Last summer I tried hiking a baby mountain and couldn't make it to the top, but hey, I tried atleast. Next month I plan of going Kayaking for the first time ever with my Aunt. She has a mellow river near her house that she said is good for beginners. I'm excited. I've wanted to try kayaking for a couple years now. I've just been nervous that I'm not healthy enough to keep up with people. I hate 'dragging' people down with my Cystic Fibrosis. I know they are friends and family and they will gladly go slow for me but I still feel like I'm holding them back. I'm getting better though. I make sure EVERYONE that is going with me knows that it'll be slow and have many breaks because I tire easily, so when they agree to go they know what to expect. Its actually funny, my friends will go slow and not complain about it, even if it may bug them, they won't say anything to me. My brothers on the other hand, haha, are always telling me I'm slow and weak. Now some may think thats mean but I know they love me and are saying it half jokingly. They push me more than anyone else. I like it.... most of the time. Sometimes it does bug me but they can pick up on that and they leave me alone. But I love them, they are the only ones I would let get away with talking to me like that.

So overall I have felt good. But there is always something little 'wrong' with me. I had this great appetite and its gone. So eating has been a struggle again. Not sure where the appetite went but I would like it to come back, so if you see it, send it home! While I haven't been hungry, someone cranked up the thirst! I have been sooooo thirsty lately. Its ridiculous. And no its has nothing to do with my Blood Sugars, I've checked. So thats been annoying. I've had crampy legs for a week now. They aren't getting any better. They fall alseep a lot too, another mystery. I've talked to the doctors and I have to go and have a blood test to 'check' everything out on the inside. Hopefully they don't find anything and this junk just goes away! I don't need anymore problems.

Breathe Easy

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