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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hello World!

Last night I got a chance to go to a lecture, or story telling actually by Matthew Gray Gubler. MGG is on the show, Criminal Minds. He plays Dr. Spencer Reid. I almost didn't go because I had no one to go with and I'm not really good at going to event on my own. But I thought about it, and I really wanted to go, so off I went! I am soooo glad I did. It was so great! MGG was super nice, quirky, funny, and it was so mellow and casual. He was open to anything. He allowed pictures to be taken throughout the entire evening. MGG is a great story teller. If I got a chance I would definetly see him again!

The venue, UNH Durham, was awful though! The campus is not handicap accessible at all! I wish I had known that ahead of time. Good thing I was wearing oxygen!! The building of the event sat ontop of a huge hill. I had to climb 4 sets of about 10 stairs just to get to the doorway of the building! And the trek up all those stairs occured AFTER I had to stand in line for an hour, with no place to sit. So once the line started to move I had to try and keep pace with "healthy" people... HOLY STAIRS BATMAN! I thought I was going to diiieee!!! Once I finally got to the building, up another 2 flights of stairs I had to go. There was NO elevator. JUST PLAIN AWFUL!!!

The part that bugged me the most was not 1 person asked if I was ok or needed help. Most people just stared at me. I felt like a freak!! I've never been stared at so much in one place, it was like no one there had EVER seen a person wearing oxygen. It was super awkward and uncomfortable. My mom said a lot of it was probably in my head and not that bad, which is possible. But, sheesh, its not polite to stare!

So overall the event itself was GREAT but I'll never go back to that campus, ugh!!

Here are some pictures, I forgot my camera on the counter (oopsy!) so these were taken with my phone...

Breathe Easy


  1. Oh my god, I know exactly what you mean!! I hate it when I'm coughing & people stare at me like I'm from another planet...I feel like "if your going to stare, the least u can do is ask if I am okay!" Wow you are a trooper, I commend you for being able to go up ALL those stairs. I'm glad you had a good time, especially after the ordeal to get there :)

  2. I don't yet have oxygen but know the feeling of not being able to keep up - went on a tour of my nephew's campus and had to walk up a never ending hill. well I guess the student guides had been told not to lose anybody so one kept hovering back with me. I was so self conscious and wanted to yell at him to go on ahead!

    I love criminal minds - but am curious, what is he wearing? Looks like pajamas?