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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Times

Hello World!

Me and Tucker finally took our first adventure out to fight his stranger phobia! I know we are a week behind but weather delayed our plans. O well, we did it today! Felt great. And he did WONDERFUL! Better than I actually anticipated. He made it through 2 stores and got his nails trimmed. A reward for being a good dog, he got some new frisbees! We used the frisbees as soon as we got home. Frisbees and any kind of ball are his favorite toys. In other news, my friend, Chad, is out of the hospital!! FINALLY!! He is still not feeling 100% but he is well enough to go home. I'll be going bridesmaid dress shopping Tuesday! I'm in 2 wedding in the fall. I already have my dress for one. So hopefully I'll have my other one after Tuesday!

The weather was beautiful here this weekend. It was the first real nice weekend of the season. I spent all day Saturday outside. The first half of teh day was spent with Tucker and the rest of teh pack playing fetch in the yard. Our yard is snow free, with the exception of one pile of snow from where we shoveled snow off the roof. So the dogs would run and run and run and the lay in the snow to refresh themselves. Ha, it was rather entertaining. The other half of the day I spent at my Aunt's house. She grilled up a pork tenderloin, it was DELICIOUS!! Then the had a small fire and we just chatted away. It was great, lots of fun.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!! This fire just cemented that I am ready for summer!!

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