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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Couple Thoughts....

Hello World!

It's Monday! How's everyone's Monday going? I spent my day just lounging around. It was pretty nice and peaceful. This past weekend was out final weekend at the Family Lakehouse for the summer. So I guess I have to finally admit the summer is over. BOOOO!! I really dislike the winter months. I don't like being cold, people become bad drivers in the snow, and it always make my health worse. LAME!

Well I just found out today I have to have another 6 minute walk test and an ABG (Arterial Blood Gas) test for my Transplant team. The walking will be easy, the ABG.... thats a whole different story! I HATE needles. The thought of getting poked causes lots of anxiety and I usually cry. So thats awesome news! haha.

Well I don't have much to report! So this will have to be it. Breathe Easy!

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