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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Thinking

Hey World!

Wow, October already. I can't believe its fall. I also can't help but think about last fall. This time last year I was laid up in the hospital on life support. I have no memory of October 2009 at all. It is kind of scary. While part of me worries that it could happen again this winter, I am also so thankful that I made it through the last time.

I just had a clinic appointment a few days ago. It went pretty well. I actually gained weight and my PFTS are the highest they have been in almost a year. So overall it was a good appointment.  I start Pulmunary Rehab again soon. I actually a little excited. I took the summer off so I haven't seen my Physical Therapist in a while. She is pretty awesome. I'm the youngest one and only one with CF in class. The majority of the other people are 50+ and there because they have emphysema. Bet they regret smoking their life away now. Well that was a little mean, but its true. They kind of brought it on themselves.

Well its getting late. So I'm going to take off. Love!! Breathe Easy

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