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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello World,

Well today was nothing fancy. I went with my older brother, who also has CF, to his doctors appointment. He is in a clinical trial for the new VERTEX drug. I'm not exactly sure how the overall trial is doing but my brother seems like he is in good shape. Although my brother and I grew up together, our CF lives have been very different.

Tomorrow I go to Boston for a routine check-up with the transplant team. These trips always make me nervous. Not really sure why, they are just standard appointments. O well, that too will pass.  Later this week I'll be going out to dinner with some friends. I always love going out for food, it is a favorite past time of mine.

Well I'm not feeling overly chatty this evening so I'm off! Breathe Easy.


  1. Hi Jessi! Nice to meet you. I am 30 w/ CF and post-tx by 3 months here in Boston, too. I assume you go to Brigham? I love them. A lot of guidelines but they will save your life!! Love your blog and that it is purple!

  2. Hey! Nice to meet you as well. How has the 3 months been? Yeah I got to Brigham. They are good and are very nice. Nov 20th will be 6 months of waiting, I'm ready to get my new lungs! How long did you wait? Did you also go to Brigham?