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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello World!

How is everyones weekend going? Mines pretty good all things considered. It is really rainy and rather chilly but I guess that comes with the Fall territory. I just news that my Grandfather will be visiting tomorrow, thats always exciting. I only see him a few times a year, mostly holidays. So this will be a nice, unplanned visit. He has probably as many medical problems as I do, so conversation is always related to medicince. Ha.

My brothers puppy, Lucy, who is SO CUTE by the way, just got herself banished from my bedroom this morning. She chewed up not 1 but 2 sandals!!! They were a good pair too. Ones you could wear with everything. So now she is banished until shes done her chewing phase.

Well I'm off for the night. Everyone enjoy their weekend. Breathe Easy.

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