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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Couple Things....

Hello World!

Well I had a good day! I went shopping with my Mother. Got some new shirts. Pick out a nice top for Thanksgiving. I also got a leather jacket. Its my first one, I like it. Overall it was a good shopping trip. I also went out to dinner with both my parents. Thats always fun. We went to a local spot called The Backroom. So good.

Yesterday, my younger brother sent me on a mission. He decided to go to a Halloween party last minute. I was told to fine him a costume. WELL everybody seemed to be out doing last minute shopping. The party store was mobbed!! I ended up finding him a pretty good one. He ended up being Mario and my other brother went as Luigi! They looked good!

So tomorrows Halloween, everyone have fun!!! Breathe Easy.

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