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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello World!

Have you ever had a hero? Someone you looked up too and could do no wrong. Well I think I found mine. Although I would call them more of an inspiration than Hero. I want my life to turn out the way hers did. She has CF. She has been through a double lung transplant. She is married. She has adopted 2 incredible children. I want her life! Or actually, I hope my life turns out that good. I have never met this woman but have spoken to her many times.

We first contacted eachother through e-mail. It then progressed to Facebook. She lives to far away to visit but I'm hoping at some point I'll be able to meet her. She has helped through my CF struggles. She is also a great source to talk about tranplant stuff with. She is always supportive without be pushy. I couldn't imagine going through this tranplant experience without her. She has shown what life could be like post transplant. I could never put into words enough Thank Yous for her.

I just hope to one day be able to do for someone what she has done for me. Breathe Easy

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