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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hospital Time

Hello World!

Well, Thursday morning I woke up and felt like I had been run over by a mack truck. Just awful. So naturally the first person I call.... Mom. She gave me a little advice and then next I called the docotors. Without question "Come on in!" They say. Just wonderful. Exactly what I wanted weeks before Christmas. So I arrive around 1 pm, kind of early, Usually I don't get into a room until 6 or 7. But it just turned out to be a hurry up and wait. Was in the room at 1 didn't see the doctor until 5. Great! So glad I rushed here! Ha.

Anyway, the first night was anything but restful. Didn;t get to sleep until 2am them was woken at 5am to be disconnected from my feeding tube, then woken at 6am to have blood taken. Which I rate as one of the worst things to happen to me in the world! I HAAATTTEEE NEEEDLES!!! Juts the thought of a needle going into my body makes me tear up and get anxiety! Its just plain awful. So after that dreadful experience I try to go back to sleep, finally start to fall asleep and O in walks a doctor to ask me how my night was! Totally not in the mood!!! Finally got to settle back in my bed and well here comes Physical Theraphy. So needless to say I basically slept the rest of the morning away, straight through breakfast. So natuarlly I then wake up starving. Quite the day. Thankfully things slowed down after lunch.

Rocking the Pink Vest for treatments!

So I'm hoping tonight goes a little smoother. Maybe I even get some real sleep. Breathe Easy


  1. Sweet Dreams girl! Feel better!

  2. Hello there, Jess. :-) Thanks for following me on Twitter. Love the pics of the fam and the pooch. You have quite the awesome support system set up there. I'm officially following your blogs and tweets (though I'm not on Twitter as often, I try to do it more, just for you. :-)

    Peaceful Things and Lots of Love from Joshland!

  3. @Ashley, Thanks!!
    @Josh, Thanks for the follow!! I am very thankful for my support system. They mean the world to me!! So glad you'll be on Twitter more!!