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Friday, December 10, 2010

Missing My Poochies

Hello World!

Ok so I've been in the hospital for a week now. I THANKFULLY get to go home tomorrow. But while I'm here I have missed my herd of Poochies. I have met some great people on Twitter who love their animals just as much as I love mine, so its not so weird when I talk about my dogs like they are children. But not seeing my babies for a week has made me miss them. I can't wait to see them tomorrow! Yay!!
Here are some Pictures of all the mutts in my life....
This is Shotti. She actually belongs to my oldest brother but lives with us because
he can't have dogs in his new apartment.
This is Rags. He is mine but he lives with my Grandma. He has a lame back leg and back problems. So he lives with her so he doesn't get trampled on by the bigger dogs. Its like Joint custody of a kid. Sometimes Rags stays overnight with me!

This is Lucy. I call her LucyJane. She is a rescue dog. We don't know her breed exactly. We were told she was great dane/rotti but she is pretty small for a dane. And her rabies papers just say Lab Mix. So who knows what she is! But we love her. Here she is sleeping on her daddy.
This was the very day we picked her up, so first car ride!

This is Murphy! We rescued him too, kind of. His owners had to get rid of him because of a divorce and the apartment the women was moving to wasn't big enough for him. We tried him out in our home but since he came from a farm he had intense herding skills. These skills didn't mesh with our other dogs. So my Uncle took him in and Now Murph lives with him. Murph is much happier with my Uncle who has lots of space for him to run and he can herd the squirrels and stuff. We still see him all the time.

This little girl is Bella. She was a Mother's day gift to my Grandma. She is now the baby
sister to Rags. They get along great. They are good friends!

These little faces are Max and Ruby. They are my parents babies. They are brother and sister,
from the same litter. Max is my Mom's favorite. He can do no wrong in her eyes.
Ruby gravitates towards my Dad. She is an absolute daddy's girl.

And this handsome devil is my baby. Tucker James!! Wow. I'll just have to do a whole
post about him. There is just so much to tell! And I have hundreds of pictures of him.
He is basically my child. Love him to pieces!!

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