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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Remodel

Hello World!

So it has been a busy week. My parents, or my mom mostly, had the grand idea to remodel our living room before Christmas. So we have had carpet people and plumbers and contractors in and out of the house for 2 weeks now. Monday we finally got the heater moved and the wall reshaped. Tuesday the carpet got put in. So I was put in charge of building the new furniture. They got a faux fireplace that had to be put together. Well that took like 3 hours to do. I had to build a wooden TV/Entertainment stand. That took like 4 hours. After I built things I was told I could help paint. It was proposed to more as "you are going to do it" than "if you want to" haha. So I have painted the ceiling of the room. Tomorrow we tackle the walls. Saturday we are hoping to get the rest of the furniture moved back into the room. So its been crazy!

Now I only semi-complain about having to do this stuff. I really don't mind.  I actually like being asked for a couple of reasons. Being asked to help out with stuff like this has taught me that I should still be trying and doing as much as possible, even being as sick as I am. I also enjoy being asked because I feel needed. Everyone wants to be needed by their family. I feel like I'm not so useless and I'm contributing to the family some how. I like it.

Another reason I like being asked to help, it goes along with being needed, is I feel helpful. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer in June 2009. He has cancer in his colon, liver, and lungs. He has had chemo EVERY week since being diagnosed. He is a trooper. He hates going to chemo and I don't blame him but he keeps going. But because of his health he no longer works and is much weaker than he use to be. He was the type of guy that would do and fix anything. He built and entire addition onto our home by himself. So, now He can't do as much as he use to and it bothers him, a lot. He isn't the type of guy to ask for help. So when he does, I know he really needs it. I love when he asks for me to help. He is my dad, I would do anything for him!

So between the 2 of us we have put this new living room together in record time! Haha. We are hoping to have completed this crazy task by Tuesday, so we can have some relaxing time before the relatives come over for Christmas. Maybe I'll post some pictures of our achievements when we are done!

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